Meet Ross Jack

South African born and raised between Spain, Britain and South Africa, Ross Jack’s international roots come through in his polished, cosmopolitan, urban sound. Having just completed his debut full length album, “Notes from the Wild” - working between his studio in South Africa and in the UK - the album seamlessly embraces styles from Hip-hop, pop, electronic and soul.


Embracing the momentum he built up with his EP Chandeliers , in October 2012 – which sprung the #3 5FM Top 40 hit, Seven 45 - Ross Jack went back into studio after its release and got straight to writing more material. He had the opportunity to go over to the UK to work with the phenomenally talented Pete “Boxsta” Martin (Sugababes/ Jesse J.), where they locked down his studio all day for a week. Out of these sessions came 4 of the songs on Notes from the Wild, including the #1 (5FM Top 40) single TV’s in the Swimming Pool.


Drawing on his intercontinental perspective, Ross chose to call his album Notes from the Wild, “…because I liked the name and it lends itself to many different interpretations. It’s a play on the world and the state that it’s in. People have this automatic association with the wild when they think of Africa, but really, we all live in the wild.”


Ross Jack began his music career producing and subsequently became a sort-after producer, having produced for the likes of HHP, Chianosky, Toya Delazy and Zeus. All the while he was also producing his own music and has now realized his passion as a successful and sort after music artist and performer


With the flurry of chart topping hits he has taken the music scene by storm .Judging by the success, Notes from the Wild –is giving another boost to Ross Jack’s ascendancy to stardom.


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